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Charles Tailored Coat

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Style of Charles: When designing this coat, I was inspired by the British menswear military coats that were worn during the First and Second World Wars. I wanted to develop a coat that was stylish for men, yet engineered in a modern, functional way. Every part of the Charles Military Tailored Coat combines design with functionality. For example, the bellow pockets with buttons which, once unbuttoned, extend the width of the pocket whilst the pipe pockets keep the hands warm. The collar is high neck with a stand and self-tab that keeps the collar upright to give a regimental look but most of all to keep the cold air from coming through. This is one of those coats that when designed I had in mind that I never want it to be a trend follower but will always be a trend leader. Its engineered functionally style in its own way and I wanted to make the coat to make you feel totally amazing and a center of attention without saying anything.