Our policy is NO SHORTCUTS and NO SLAVE LABOUR is used in any part of our manufacturing process. We make sure our manufacturers follow our policy of Ethical Manufacturing no matter where we make our clothes.
100% of the collection is Made in England to support manufacturers in Britain.
Mass Production is a resounding NO in our work ethic
For one, why does everyone want to be seen wearing the same thing? And two, Mass Production is environmentally damaging and creates mass wastage. 
Images of how the clothing industry is the second biggest destroyer  to the Environment 
Therefore, my aim was to steer the brand away from mass production and hopefully encourage others to do the same. We have to make the change!
As for the brand’s future, I want to carry on creating and working with people from all around the world. Introducing our lifestyle and exploring further the existence and purpose our clothes have.
At the same, we want to remain socially aware whilst also looking at everything through environmental eyes.
We do hope you will join us on this adventure.