Behind the Engineered Designs

We believe that every design we create has to be Engineered in a way that it is also functional. Every detail that I design and bring to the garments are engineered to capture the style and look of the creative story developing. From the stitching to silhouettes, the function of each garment has to reflect it's usage and reason for being. This is what engineering means to my design
Fabric holds everything together. If the fabric is not of the highest quality, all the engineering and tailoring details (quite literally) fall apart. Comfort is the ultimate goal. We source the very best materials from either UK mills or anywhere around the globe. We also look at the environmental aspects to see what dyes are used and if it's environmentally safe and ethically sourced
As for quality, I am very particular. Whether it's a blessing or a curse, I am a perfectionist. This means picking the fabrics to make sure all garments once made, meet Ocha and Garth's high expectations. An exhausting yet rewarding process. We also ensure that the manufacturers we use are of the highest quality and are ethical. We never compromise on our quality policy. Everything is made in the UK & London and we are proud and fortunate to work with great UK craftsman from manufactures to fabric mills.
When designing, I'm inspired by many things around me. From music to art, culture to architecture, history to modernism. I don't think as a designer you ever stop seeing things through creative eyes. I always begin with a story so that every design has a character. I always also include aspects of what we believe the brand stands for. It's very true that style always outlives fashion and trend. I always have believed this.  At Ocha and Garth, we think that our men don't believe in shouting to get noticed. A Gentleman who dresses in style is individual and is comfortable in his own skin is a Gentleman. A Gentleman who will never be forgotten, Hence the brand philosophy.  The essence of combining engineered, tailored clothing with extreme comfort and timeless style is what drives me and ultimately the brand.