Our Story


 Engineered Apparel with our love for Tailoring. 

Hi, I'm Sarmilla the founder of Ocha & Garth, a menswear label I developed in my hometown London. My journey started studying menswear design at Central Saint Martinand then the Royal College of Art. Going on to work for several well known established menswear brands. However, I wanted to do something else. Branch out. Something that would feed my creativity and so I thought about starting my own menswear brand.

As a woman, looking for jobs in fashion and designing as a menswear designer was tough. However, I was not prepared to give up simply because I did not “fit.” So my next step was to begin to develop a brand with all the terms that I believe garments should have. 


Whilst drinking tea in a cafe, I developed my philosophy:

FUNCTIONAL apparel must be wearable and every detail have a reason behind it. After all, everything happens for a reason so why can't clothes/garments be the sameGarments designed without meaning or function were not something I was trained for.  That's how Engineered Garments/Engineered Apparel was born at Ocha & Garth


COMFORT. No matter what the garment or clothes, the world of apparel has to be comfortable. When you wear our garments we/I want to make sure you are comfortable. The fit, the look, the fabric, the design and the engineering of the garment make you walk tall. I don't believe that you have to shout to be heard and that's what I tried to capture this part in the brand ethos.


QUALITY must come first. We have eyes like hawks when carrying out production and testing. Our policy is NO SHORTCUTS and NO SLAVE LABOUR is used in any part of our manufacturing process. We make sure our manufacturers follow our policy of Ethical Manufacturing no matter where we make our clothes. 100% of the collection is Made in England to support manufacturers in Britain. Mass Production is a resounding NO in our work ethic. For one, why does everyone want to be seen wearing the same thing? And two, Mass Production is environmentally damaging and creates mass wastageTherefore, my aim was to steer the brand away from mass production and hopefully encourage others to do the same. Someone has to make the change!


STYLE always takes over with fashion in my eyes. Style is important to me and is a personal feel. We/I believe that when designing and developing the collection, style is far more important than fashion. Fashion and trend change constantly yet style is individual. This belief will always refer back to my saying; "Well-Dressed Gentleman is Never Forgotten.A phrase that recalls my father's style. Something I always like to refer back now and then. 


Final Thoughts;

I never thought I was going to be a designer (especially of menswear!) but in Ocha & Garth have found my true passion. I believe that dreams do come true. To get here, I’ve been through a lot of negativity and faced massive walls and mountains. Yet those obstacles reaffirmed my belief. I had to do what I love: Creating ENGINEERED GARMENTS FOR MY MEN! I do hope that by wearing my garments you will see and feel the FUNCTIONALITY, COMFORT, QUALITY AND STYLE. Which together equal Engineered Apparel.”