Money is always there but the pockets change - Gertrude Stein

As far back as 3,300 BCE, a tribe of people called Otzi (also known as the “Iceman”) used belts with pouches sewn onto them to hold a selection of utilitarian items such as a scraper, drill, flint flake, bone awl, and dried tinder fungus. This was the beginning of what we know today as a pocket. 
People throughout Europe at the time of the 13th century used leather or cloth pouches to hold their valuables under their clothing.  Later in the 15th century, the concept of...

Functionality of a Man's blazer

Today's simple definition of a Blazer is a ‘type of jacket resembling a suit jacket, but cut more casually’.
The origins of the Blazer are around the early 1800s when the Lady Margaret Boat Club in Cambridge used a red Blazer made of bright coloured cloth as its club jacket. The Royal Navy, HMS Blazer’s gig crew wore a blue and white striped variation in 1837 dressed by their Captain and it's said this were the term Blazer appeared in our vocabulary. Another variation the Reefer jacket is of naval origin, short...

History of the Parka

Parka coats have always been the most well-known piece of clothing in menswear. The parka usage has been for functional it's been known to be comfortable, the style has always been seen as a main part for the youth culture i.e subcultural and the quality of cloth.

So how did The Parka in menswear history become the most famous coat?  

The birth of the Parka: 

The Parka roots are from Canda and it  was originally made from Cariboni with Seal oil, invented by the Caribou Inuit, in the Canadian Arctic, which was developed and made for the means of warmth, protection from...

Podcast on Menswear a must Listen to

Handcut Radio by Aleks Cvetkovic a series of podcast chats with industry people of menswear. Chats about menswear business, brands, influencers, and menswear fashion/ style. Applause to Aleks for bringing interesting topics of chat that you will not get bored off! Well done Aleks from us all:) 

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Charles In Italy at Milano Unica

It was Great coming across on Instagram of our Charles Coat on display in Italy textile fair by AW Hainsworth who were presenting their fabric as well as showcasing Charles Tailored Coat which is made from their fabric. Thankyou to AW Hainsworth.