The Months when the World Stopped!

Lockdown Illustrations!
' Ok lockdown is easing and we are getting back to what seems to be called the 'New Normal'.
Lockdown was an experience, gave me time to contemplate where I was at and where I was going. Sharpened my senses made colour seem brighter, the calmness of the planet and the skies with the powerful return of nature, birdsong, wildlife and clean air enhanced this explosion of colour, even the stars shine brighter in the night sky.
Time felt like it was standing still, time to revisit things that normally get swept aside with the crashing waves of daily life, stress and expectations. I began to sit down and doodle with pen and paper, a skill I'd forgotten I had. Finding a sense of calm, heightened appreciation of colour all around me and the beauty of nature, I took it further painting my doodles, bringing them to life. They felt like splashes of summer colour and there was born the title ' Colour of Sumner', a positive creative memory of Covid19. 
Who knows what comes next for a Millie second in time we all took a deep breathe some more privileged than others with gardens, furlough and support of loved ones. Our planet heaved a great sigh of relief the whole world slowed down. Pollution clouds lifted and places could be seen on the horizon, air tasted sweeter and there fell a peaceful yet slightly eery silence.
I hope and wish for a small sense of that clarity of the senses to continue with an appreciation of how in the most part we looked out for each other and enjoyed the small rays of positivity this pandemic has had on our plant earth!'

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