The Birth of Our Cool Linen Ties

‘A well tied tie is the first serious step in life’ -  Oscar Wilde

Excited to bring you my new range of ties!. The inspiration for designing and producing these came from my dad. When I was young I couldn’t help but wonder why my dad wore a tie with his suit but he took the time to teach me how to tie one properly -  encouraging my enquiring mind.

As I launched myself into Menswear, I couldn’t help feeling ties had been pigeon holed as just another accessory and if you wear one you need to be smart with a Suit or Blazer. We have a narrow minded view of this simple yet important fashion piece.  Ties have been around for many decades, I didn’t want to make just another Linen Tie and felt compelled to bring four key elements to the design process:

Functionality - Comfort - Quality - Style

The market is already heavily flooded so I wanted my ties to be well engineered and to achieve all of the above elements. I went back to the drawing board, each aspect of the tie had to have a reason – Fabric, Length, Width, Function, Style and Comfort.

Finding myself scribbling out ideas with a piece of paper and a pen the traditional way, it helped focus the design process and bring in the important element of Engineering with each of the 4 elements. Fashion designers today very often use laptops and tablets, technology is key even 3D printing is becoming mainstream but I’ve found it creatively liberating going back to basics!

The creative skill of engineering is, in my mind, an essential component in our daily lives not just in mechanics but also within Fashion Designing / Chefs / Graphic designers / Packaging designers / Architects and plays a pivotal role in high quality, stylish and comfortable fashion.

The way fashion functions is a key player in my design process and these ties have been granted an extra loop at the back of the tie for a pen. My dad was a chef and would keep his pen in the logo loop at the back of his tie, so I naturally created this as a special feature for mine.

The fabric choice was very important to me. I chose 100% Linen and a specific grade – Oeka Tech Standard Certified Organic and allergy tested for all 3 ties. This type of Linen matures well with age. Each style has been made in the UK with certain parts handmade - NO MASS PRODUCTION!

My love of true Jazz music and the people who make it has inspired this range. Musicians are creative engineers, I have great respect for anyone who invents all things but especially this genre of music. Some of my favourite Jazz Musicians are :

Miles Davis / Herbie Hancock / John Coltrane / Dexter Gordon / Art Blakey / Charlie Parker

With their amazing style and flair I have with respect named my 3 different styles and colours after – Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon and Herbie Hancock. Each tie has been named on their personalities and style looking back at the 50’s. If you have a passion for Jazz go watch the Miles Davis documentary ‘Birth of Cool’  - you will understand where I’m coming from, a great way to pass a moment in lockdown!

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