issue 6. What is Engineering Menswear for us?

The word Engineering didn't just come up with a group of advertising brand or strategy people! Neither was it created on a one-off chance by the creative brand owner.

So how did Engineered Menswear come about for Ocha & Garth, is it just the word or does it deliver in what they say about their creations? the answer "Yes it has a meaning to the brand and it delivers in what they passionately believe in".

It was created in the form of what she (the brand owner) wanted to bring to menswear clothing. It was on the idea that each design had a reason for its Existence, cleverly designed with each item has tweaks that form for a man's lifestyle in a way to be used every day.

She wanted to engineer men's clothes that represent the most important existence for the brand i.e Comfort, Functionality, Quality, and Style well we men do want to look stylish right and comfortable at the same time but our clothes have to be functional so what your paying for must delivery quality right? and Ocha and Garth bring all tremendously well in one unique place!

Well I know I want the things that I mentioned above  when I'm buying clothes and I am not talking about trend or fashion here cause these are two things she does not believe that her brand not in a snobbish way that requires these things she says "Fashion and trend come and go but Style lives forever and when you see someone who is stylish and is individual you will never forget them" hence the philosophy of the brand.

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