issue 3. The Terminology of Engineered Clothing

Today I'll be talking about the idea behind the Aston Jacket. As the Engineer behind the brand, I will explain how the piece was developed and how this not so ordinary limited edition Jacket was born. Here goes... 

     "Aston Patchwork Jacket was designed using two traditional fabrics (my favourite cloth of all time is tweed). I wanted to develop a new fabric by combining tweed and the classic pinstripe. But could this be done? I thought of utilising  patchwork, something I've not seen in menswear. This led to me staring at the fabric, scissors in hand, hesitantly yet enthusiastically starting to create this new hybrid fabric.

     My main focus was to ensure that the finished result kept the elements that Ocha and Garth stand by. Functional, comfortable, wearable yet timelessly stylish and unique. Creating a patchwork fabric and working to make a tailored fit jacket that stays true to the ethos of the Brand. And thus, this new hybrid Pinstripe Tweed Patchwork was born."


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