History of the Parka

Parka coats have always been the most well-known piece of clothing in menswear. The parka usage has been for functional it's been known to be comfortable, the style has always been seen as a main part for the youth culture i.e subcultural and the quality of cloth.

So how did The Parka in menswear history become the most famous coat?  

The birth of the Parka: 

The Parka roots are from Canda and it  was originally made from Cariboni with Seal oil, invented by the Caribou Inuit, in the Canadian Arctic, which was developed and made for the means of warmth, protection from the wind, wetness the usage for hunting and kayaking through certain types of Parka were regularly coated with fish oil to maintain water-resistant.

In the 1950s the original Snorkel Parka which was 3/4 length attached with hood. This type of Parka was worn by the US military, mainly for the flight crews who were in extremely cold areas. The name Snorkel parka was a common name for its engineering technical structure as the hood could be zipped almost right to the top in allowing the wearer to have a small tunnel to lookout through.

The fishtail Parka which was also worn by the US military during the war in the 1950s made a massive impact in menswear fashion. 

From the 1950s to the '60s the fishtail parka became a huge symbol to be worn by the mods as the history of youth culture of subculture took place in the UK. When the mods were wearing the parka it all came from ex-soldiers who wore them during the war. The parka in the '60s was seen practical it was cheap and was very much available from military surplus shops, someway I would say it was ethical & sustainable as the youth was rebuying these coats and turning them into the most talked fashion revolution of youth culture/ subculture the most stylish piece of clothing happily that will always be a part and never leave menswear.  

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