Don’t be afraid to Talk!

The start of the New Year brings a clear mind and thoughtful days. Here at Ocha and Garth we are increasingly conscious of the world around us and the growing burden we are putting on our planets resources. Our future as a menswear fashion brand is committed to the essential and necessary concept of Slow Fashion and alongside this we want to work towards sustainability in all areas of our daily lives. 

Whilst searching the internet over Christmas for sustainable/ethical skincare, cosmetics and grooming products we happened upon this amazing men’s grooming company MESOA and felt a strong need to bring it to you for reasons we will enlighten you about.

‘A premium male grooming and cosmetic brand with a passion for men’s mental health!’

Mesoa was established in 2018, so young but growing fast by a former British Army Soldier, Matt Jones and best friend Andrew Jones (not related). They both have a shared belief in taking time to look after themselves physically and each one having suffered from mental health problems in the past understands and relates to the needs of men and how important it is to share experiences.

This male lifestyle brand offers a premium product, with high quality essential oils and vitamins which imbues positive feelings with its delicious scents. Each product is produced in the UK, suitable for all skin types, vegan and uses Jojoba oil, Sandalwood, Ecuadorian ivory palm seeds and Neroli for its distinctive aroma. A % of all profits go towards male suicide charities supporting their passionate belief that men need to talk about their feelings helping to normalise such conversations. They have created a community for guys to openly share with each other, online, non-judgemental, an educational community where men can talk and learn openly.

Having found this amazing men’s cosmetic grooming brand it has opened our eyes to an ever growing epidemic of male suicide, in 2017 there were 5,821 suicides recorded in Great Britain, of these 75% were males. Suicide represents the largest cause of death for men under 50! In England 1 in 8 men have common mental health problems and are reluctant to seek support for their own mental health or talk too loved ones.

We are sad and shocked to hear that so many men suffer in silence and it’s not a man enough thing to deal with or even have in the society we live in on top of feeling a sense of judgement.  

How does this relate to Ocha and Garth and why are we to talking about this? This is a huge issue in our society and there must be ways of helping men young, middle age and older men in this area.   Even though there is a lot of help out there the more we talk about it, the easier it is for people to understand that it is absolutely ok for men to go out and get help. You are an individual person no matter what you do you shouldn’t be judged by it and no one should be judging you because of it. 

Here at Ocha and Garth we feel style is very important, we believe it’s all about individual taste, individual look and individual way of thinking in fashion, no one should be judging you for what you choose to wear or no one should make you feel what you wear is wrong, you wear what makes you feel yourself, confident and comfortable like a second skin. And that is how mental health should be seen, it’s not wrong to have this disease each man will have a different way to deal with their own issues, we are all individuals but need support! 

We will be coming back to this extremely important issue during the year as it has really made a powerful impact on us and as a menswear designer talking to men we feel we should support the amazing work many charities do to bring care, support and community to men. So we encourage you to pop over to Mesoa follow their journey and by supporting their brand you will help them build their community and open up conversations within a men’s world, which will have invaluable results!

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