Charles Coat featured on AW Hainsworth

Our Charles Coat has been featured on AW Hainsworth Photoshoot was shown on Aw Hainsworth Instagram as their #fabricofanation

AW Hainsworth has been around for well over 100 years they still are seen as the heritage and luxury wool merchants very well known around the world.

Charles is made from AW Hainsworth luxury 100% Wool Fabric. Charles Coat is known to be with Functionality, Comfort, Quality and of course Individual Style. Charles was never made as Mass Production our PART FOR Sustainability & Slow Fashion. 

The King & Queen guards uniform is still even till today is made from their cloth and other designers & students from all creative side using their fabrics.

AW Hainsworth fabric is still weaved in England using traditional machines that are still in good shape and still working. 


Thank you for the photoshoot, AW Hainsworth!

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