The Months when the World Stopped!

The Months when the World Stopped!

Lockdown Illustrations!
' Ok lockdown is easing and we are getting back to what seems to be called the 'New Normal'.
Lockdown was an experience, gave me time to contemplate where I was at and where I was going. Sharpened my senses made colour seem brighter, the calmness of the planet and the skies...

The Birth of Our Cool Linen Ties

The Birth of Our Cool Linen Ties

‘A well tied tie is the first serious step in life’ -  Oscar Wilde

Excited to bring you my new range of ties!. The inspiration for designing and producing these came from my dad. When I was young I couldn’t help but wonder why my dad wore a tie with his suit but he took the time to teach me how to tie one properly -  encouraging my enquiring mind.

As I launched myself into Menswear, I couldn’t help feeling ties had been pigeon holed as just another accessory and if you wear one...

Don’t be afraid to Talk!

The start of the New Year brings a clear mind and thoughtful days. Here at Ocha and Garth we are increasingly conscious of the world around us and the growing burden we are putting on our planets resources. Our future as a menswear fashion brand is committed to the essential and necessary concept of Slow Fashion and alongside this we want to work towards sustainability in all areas of our daily lives. 

Whilst searching the internet over Christmas for sustainable/ethical skincare, cosmetics and grooming products we happened upon this amazing men’s grooming company MESOA and...

A visual feast of cutting Edge Men's Style

This Guy by Jamie Ferguson

Jamie Ferguson is a freelance photographer specializing in men’s
wear lifestyle portraits over the last decade and has been freelancing
for high-end menswear fashion brands, stores, fashion and lifestyle
magazines worldwide. These include Robb Report, Mr. Porter and
Muji Japan.

He’s followed men of all ages within the fashion industry across a
variety of countries opening our eyes to their personnel styles and
creating a beautiful collection of images honoring the best of
modern cutting edge menswear. These men include Hooman Majd a
world-renowned Iranian-American journalist and author; Michael Hill
founder and creative of Drake’s haberdashery London, New...

Charles Coat featured on AW Hainsworth

Our Charles Coat has been featured on AW Hainsworth Photoshoot was shown on Aw Hainsworth Instagram as their #fabricofanation

AW Hainsworth has been around for well over 100 years they still are seen as the heritage and luxury wool merchants very well known around the world.

Charles is made from AW Hainsworth luxury 100% Wool Fabric. Charles Coat is known to be with Functionality, Comfort, Quality and of course Individual Style. Charles was never made as Mass Production our PART FOR Sustainability & Slow Fashion. 

The King & Queen guards uniform is still even till today is...